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Wednesday, 19 January 2011



  1. wooooooooooooooow !!!!!!!!!

  2. AWASOME!:)
    I love the theme! Can't wait for the issue release!

  3. Good theme, very original! I don't like the quality of the graphic from this one, I think Lipstick usually produces better graphics. Can't wait, though, none of the less! :)

  4. I like the theme.
    But the graphic? Now, that's.. bad.
    I don't like the two merged hairs,
    and for some reason why,
    I feel like the background should be more shiny?
    With the stars and all...

    Just my opinion though,
    can't wait to see the full magazine.

  5. Dear Lipstick Magazine,

    I am not an avid reader of this magazine,
    To be perfectly honest,
    I haven't heard of it before,
    But, looking at older posts,
    Which are rather frighting to be honest..
    This is by FAR the worst spoiler.
    You should give a better spoiler,
    It might add higher expectations.
    After seeing this..?
    Don't think I'll be visiting this blog any more.


  6. Aw sorry if you don't like it :') As long as your stating your opinion :P

  7. I do like it actually.
    I think the hair looks, off though. Thats all:)

  8. amazing =D
    I like the idea
    and the covergirl is To_royal ;D

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  10. I think it isn#t the best graphic, but the Lipstick is sooooo creativ!!! I really love that. And I can't wait to see the next issue. I jsut have one question: Do you need any more models?? Because I would love to model for Lipstick Magazine. If you need a male model, please contact me! :D

    Love, Rafi101

  11. This comment is way late, but this spoiler makes the magazine seem very promising. I can't wait to see it be released! Excellent job on the spoiler. I'd like to see that hairstyle on Stardoll ;)