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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Christmas Issue 2010

Extra Model; Conii987

Extra special shoutout to: CONII987
For creating two articles for us, brilliantly I might add, whilst she was sick! We hope you get better Coco! :) Well done! We are so proud!


  1. I love it! You did a great work , it's stunning!!!

  2. The graphics were better than ever, well done :) Next theme should be about charity.

  3. Wow :D The articles are amazing!
    The graphics are amazing too xD
    I like it.

  4. I really liked this issue, especially the interveiw, Mels answers were really inspiring :)

  5. Although I was disappointed with the spoiler... I have to say This issue is amazing! You didnt disappoint! You'll be featured :

    Great Job! xxJucii

  6. Whose the red-headed girl in the 3 page photoshoot spread?

  7. Thanks Laurichi :PPP <3333333

  8. Hello. I am botsy_pink.
    I think the best aspect of Christmas are the gifts , the snowflakes , the Christmas songs , the tree and all things what are happening in this wonderful month of the year.

    PS : Good job , Lizs. I really like the grapchis =]

  9. OMG, I love this issue! Graphics are just amazing! Interview with Mel was soooo inspiring. Good Job!

    xx AdrianaLimaFan

  10. I love it! i think its the best issue so far :D my favorite was the interview with bluegreen86 sense im a model in both real life and stardoll :)) also loved all the graphics! they are amazing!

  11. This is awesome!
    You should make one for New Year (:

  12. Amazing. Seriously amazing.
    Lizs is totally talented, I've been waiting for this issue for so long! :D
    Username: MakeupBerries [:
    Reason: Christmas is a great time of the year were you can visit family and friends, and enjoy having frozen toes and frosty fingers. The snow is one of the most amazing things, plus it makes Christmas worthwhile. Christmas is AMAZING.

    Thanks again Lizs for this amazing issue, and I agree with chloe-99, if you have time, you should make one for new year (: xox

  13. wow a new year issue is a fab idea! so is a charity issue, we will have to wait and see hm :) Katie hey! Your a fabulous follower and your such an inspiration! thanks for the nice comments guys, our staff love reading them (especially meee!) ;)

  14. Hey :D Im Maddie_fashion
    I think the best aspect of Christmas are the family. Since i was young ive always thought that the christmas were the presents and the cakes but last year i felt so happy and lucky because i could be with my family. Maybe because i grown up? I dont know but if i could choose a word for Christmas it would be FAMILY.

    P.S. The magazine its amazing i really aprecciate it. Im not english but i understand it very well. My write isnt really good so im sorry if it have some mistakes :S KIsses, Maddie_fashion ( Matilde )

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  16. Hi!I'm Miss.Cutie.3232 on stardoll!:)I'm join model this blog for the 2011th magazine!Please!
    I'm little bit speak English because i'm from hungary!

  17. OMG!!!! It's amazing!!! Love it!!!!
    i would like to be a model on the next issue!
    Or i can a write some articles!!

  18. That is AMAZING :D
    My guess as to who was CG was right :P
    First time, ever! Lol xD


  20. I just wanted to share with you of one of my winter GUY style pages:

    you can use it!!!! lol.

    My username is: Mileycyrussss

  21. I love it!


    I think Christmas is about getting together with family and friends. And of course, shopping for gifts is a delight ;)

  22. Congrtats for your work!!!! I really love what you did!!!

  23. Please!I would to be the 2011th Cover Girl!:)Me and my sister Fashion.9898!:)Please!I little bit speak English!PLEASE!:)

  24. Hi Guys! Wonderful Magazine!

    My username is Mileycyrussss, and my favorite aspect of Christmas is giving back. Over the years my Family has started to raise money for giving gifts to people that can not afford Christmas gifts. When My family and I raise money and donate gifts, we do not expect to get noticed. We just donate to help peoples lives better and to make us feel better from the Inside. Christmas is the holiday to help people everywhere more then you should. :]

    That's my favorite Aspect of Christmas that makes me feel better :]

  25. i actually didnt like some of the graphics. Most of them were good but there are a couple i didnt really like

  26. it`s amazing ;D
    my stardoll username:jelizaveta123

  27. some graphics are so-so and some of them are AMAZING!
    but seriously the covergirl part is more then similiar with D magazine last year.

  28. WOW that is amazing! You guys are very talented with your graphics and everything. The models are very talented and deserve to be where they are now. Bravo!!

  29. hello!
    i love this issue, it is amazing!
    you should most definetly have a fashion issue!
    and yes, this magazine is all about fashion, but maybe something along the lines of
    an A-Z of fashion tips, tricks, and trends
    hope you like my idea
    stardoll username: malkata__07
    well done :)

  30. This is a brilliant magazine and the graphics and articles are amazing! Maybe you could do an issue on japanese cutie sytle or anime or yu could maybe try angels as a theme or good and evil styles (like angel/devil white/black )

  31. I just became a follower and love this magazine. My favorite thing is all the graphics, i think they are amazing. love it, keep up the great work!!! ♥

  32. I would like to enter the contest you mentioned in the We can make your christmas extra special article.
    My username: ChocolateFan14
    My favourite aspect of Christmas is enjoying it with my family. We spend most of the day together and have a great time. My mum and dad and brother all give me the greatest presents and I try to give them great presents too.

  33. This is me entering the "We can make your christmas special" contest.
    My username on stardoll is Beccy_Star
    My favourite aspect of Christmas is the feeling you get around that time. Excited, happy and full of love.

  34. Everything looks great!! The graphics, the articles, you're all really improving!
    The only thing is the covershoots... One of them is pretty racy with the outfit.. But other than that, great job!!

  35. Great job, Laura.

  36. Those graphics are ah-dorable! They are the best I have ever seen! I would kill to be in this magazine! I would love to be a model! Lizs you have the most ah-mazing Stardoll magazine I have ever seen! All the graphics you make are better then the ones I have seen Stardoll make!

    xxx Lola


  37. I was wondering if you could post the link for buegreen86's modeling website because i can =not find it. Thank you and if there is any chance I would like to work for the magazine!

  38. I'd love to enter the "We can make your X-mas special" Competition (;
    My username is ladysweetcute on Stardoll (;
    My favourite aspect of Christmas is :
    The X-mas spirit that compasses everyone . Everyone gives love and takes love . Christmas days are days of joy , happiness , unforgetable moments with family & friends . Christmas is not about presents , gifts or money . It's for celebrating , enjoying <3 That's why Christmas is my favourite celebration of the year :D


    And btw the magazine was perfect . The graphics awesome , the artcles very helpful & the tips amazing :D

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  40. Hi! I need a graphic designer for my new magazine "Bodacious Magazine" so let me know if you want to ( I already have a writer- ME!!!) THANKS!XOX~Sammi/brandihottie16

  41. I love the magazine!
    There is one teeny thing though that is bugging me. On the 26th page from the top, there is a graphic with a girl standing. One leg is up and it looks too short in comparison to the one firmly planted on the ground.

  42. Fantastic articles, stunning graphics--WOW! Congrats on a wonderful issue!!! You should be extremely proud. :D I can't wait for more!

  43. i just say WOW your magazine is gorgeous has excelent articles, great graphics,great models, etc...

    i've been trying to make a good magazine as yours but the girls that i have are really boring and they do not work ... can you give me any advice? please

    And i also have a competition Runway's Next Top Model ( but just few girls signed up..... i would like to have another advice

    jaja LOVE,

  44. love the interview it's really great well Bluegreen86 she's a great model her look,her style everything.

  45. The whole magazine is amazing! Well done to everyone involved :)
    Name: Chloe275
    My favourite aspect of christmas is doing christmas shopping for my friends and family. i know it sounds crazy, because everyone HATES the christmas rush, but I love late night shopping and everything being dark except the twinkly christmas lights. I also love the feeling of buying something for someone else and knowing that they're going to love it.

    Chloe ♥

  46. I like your graphics, your medoll and your blog Liz :)