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Saturday, 21 August 2010

The Cover Spoiler

The last spoiler was not all that good, and didn't tell much about the magazine, so we have decided to release the cover. It is risky, and we really had to think about it, but we thought, it looked fabulous and will really tell you a lot about the issue. We have blurred the important bits so that the rest remains a mystery!

Click the image englarge.


  1. I <3 it!
    Better than the other one (no offence) as it gives us a bigger idea of what the issue's about.
    Great job!

  2. Woah! The model's have double Ds or something but I love the cover still, so excited!

  3. LOL. ^ We are so glad you guys are excited, just like we are! Make sure to follow!

  4. I am really excited about this!
    It seems like a really big opportunity for a lot of people.

  5. Amazing. Truly amazing.
    Can't wait :D

  6. Ooh,is that me on the cover?! Jk, I'm really looking foward to reading the issue :)

  7. I really can't wait for the comeback issue. :D:D:D Also can't wait til the issue after where my job kicks in :D:D:D

  8. Looks really good!
    At first I thought the magazine wouldn't get to be as good as it was since nothing would be the same, but I think I was wrong, this magazine, once more, promises.

  9. great cover ever!
    but why the cover does not have a face?
    you do not have a model?
    if so, I want to be a model * just kidding LOL

  10. Wow.. It looks great ;D
    But why Mystery ??:S

  11. Being A Mystery Keeps The Readers Entertained?

    This Is All Bulred. We Do Have Models And The Magazine Is Done, This Is A Surprise!